The road ahead
Development road map

The road ahead

It's time to give a little bit more information about the release schedule of the themes and plugins. That's why I'm publishing the development road map, so you know when to expect new stuff.

By Thijs Moens
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Nifty overview
Wanted: Beta tester

As mentioned in the previous post, our very first WordPress Theme (called Cuckoo) will be released on June 14th, 2019. It’s a Theme build and optimized for bloggers and journalist.

Although I am very determined to deliver on time, building software is a tricky business. You never know what to expect or what bugs to find. So don’t get mad if I’m not making it on time.

Wanted: Beta testers

  Want to help improve our Wordpress Themes?

Within the next month, I’m starting with a select group of beta testers. It means you can use my theme upfront and in return, you give me valuable feedback and input.
Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to know when to apply as a beta tester.

In the meantime, enjoy Cuckoo and stay tuned.

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