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  All the genral questions

Can you migrate or set up my site for me?

How often do you update the Themes and Plugins?

How to update the theme without loosing any data?

Why are my posts shared on Facebook and other social networks do not display proper images?

What is AMP and how to use it?

Is my theme GDPR compliant?

Theme Customization

  Questions about customizing our Themes

Why do I get a negative respond from your WordPress Service?

How fast is your WordPress Service?

How much do I have to pay for your WordPress Service?

Do you help customizing my site?

How to uninstall the demo content?

How to pick to right colors for my Theme?

How to add Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress?


  Questions about Wordpress related things

How to remove or disable comments in WordPress?

Why do I get 404 error for some of my posts or pages?

Are the Heron Themes WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg) ready?

What is Child theme and how to use it?

How to add a favicon in WordPress?


  All the questions related to security

For how long will you maintain the Themes and Plugins?

How secure are the Themes?