About HeronThemes

Herons united

At HeronThemes, we like to fly around the world wide web to create beautiful WordPress Themes and Plugins. And to catch some occasional fresh fish.

In a few words

 Long story short

Thijs Moens HeronThemes is founded by me (Thijs Moens). I am a self-taught programmer with a strong passion for quality and well-written code.

With some occasional help from my friends, I design, build and develop Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins, and try to help you build a great website.

If you just want to say hello, connect with me on Twitter .

I’m Thijs Moens, and I ran the show here at HeronThemes. A ridiculously hard-working designer & developer. Husband + Dad. Aspiring writer and vicarious reader. I love WordPress. I love open source. But most of all, I love building fantastic products.

Did you know...

 Some funny facts

... that the internet and World Wide Web doesn't mean the same thing? They are miles apart actually. The internet is a network of computers, while the World Wide Web is a bridge for accessing and sharing information across it.

... that there are more then 50.000 WordPress plugins?

... that it is expected that around 40 billion gadgets are going to be connected to the internet by 2020?

...that WordPress Dominates 76.4% of CMS Market Share?

Mission Statement

 The foundation of Heron Themes

When I launched Heron Themes, I wrote a mission statement. You can read it here.

Why I do, what I do
I’ve launched HeronThemes because I believe that every individual, whether a hobbyist, a professional or a small business owner, should be able to easily build a premium quality website at an affordable price. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on custom-made solutions that only the largest and the richest companies can afford.

How I do, what I do
I really love WordPress. It is currently the world’s most popular content management solution. Almost 30% of the web uses WordPress. That’s why I craft customer-centric, beautiful WordPress themes and plugins which I believe can take the default WordPress look and functionality to the next level, making it even more powerful, more flexible and more user-friendly.

How I plan, what I plan
Along the horizon lays our future. My plan is to build more Premium Themes and Plugins to serve my customers. With that I aim at a 5-star rating support, because I love happy customers. Besides that I continue to blog and write useful articles and guides.
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What's up with the name?

 Why I love herons

Not much, besides the fact that I really love Herons. They are hated for all the wrong reasons because if you pay attention and look closer, you’ll see that they are very smart. With a strong appetite for fresh fish.